What does it mean?

Sometimes, (but not always) the people who ask you to get a document notarised also ask that it be apostilled. When Tim notarises a document for you, he affixes a seal, authenticating the document. The apostille process is the Australian Government putting its seal on the document, to verify Tim's seal. This only applies to the countries which are parties to an international convention. Click here for a list of those countries.

Sometimes, you may also be asked to take the document to the overseas country's consulate. The consulate then affixes its seal, to verify the seal of the Australian Government, which verifies Tim's seal, which verifies your document.

How do I do it?

We can do it for you.

We take care of all the paperwork and with dealing with the Department, and we will have the completed documents ready for you to collect or express posted to you within a few days. The cost is $220 excluding GST, plus the fees the department charges us, of $83 per document (no matter how many pages). This includes all expenses, including express posting the completed document to you.

You can do it yourself

  • First, you need to make an appointment by telephoning 1300 935 260. Be prepared for a long wait in the queue before your call is answered. You will be given an appointment at least a week or two into the future. It is worse at busy times like Christmas and Easter.
  • You can no longer go directly to their office without an appointment. Their office is at:

Sydney Passport Office
Level 7, 26 Lee Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(near Central Railway Station) Click here for a map to find it.

  • You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. However, there is a good chance you will have a long wait after you arrive. They don’t mind keeping you waiting, but won’t tolerate you being late.
  • You need to fill out a form to go with the documents.  Click here to view the form
  • You give them the documents along with the form and the fee of $84 per document.

If we gave service like that, we would be out of business. But, with DFAT, you have no choice.

If you have a number of documents, $84 per document can get expensive. Talk to Tim about whether your documents can all be bound together, so you incur only one government Apostille fee.

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